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Solidify Your Brand, Expand Your Customer Base, Increase Revenue

Every Company in every industry can leverage social media and digital marketing!

Park Interactive, LLC understands the need for businesses to create a digital and social marketing campaign. A productive and well-planned marketing campaign aims to reach the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time. Online advertising and social media marketing is the most effective way to do this.
There are many challenges with starting a social marketing campaign:

  • How to reach the greatest number of people
  • What to write
  • How to brand your own company while providing great content
  • How often and when to post

We at Park Interactive, have a team of developers and writers who have experience creating and managing various social media accounts. We understand how to make the best decisions in order to increase your company's search engine optimization (SEO) results.



Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of writing content on your website to rank higher in search engines. When people search related topics search engines establish a ranking for your website based on its popularity. SEO has blurred the lines with search engine marketing (SEM).  Social marketing exponentially expands the popularity of your business, instantly increasing your rank.

Proper management of your digital and social marketing will minimize the amount of time spent posting content. By allowing us to manage your digital and social marketing campaign, you will spend less money in the long term and see a quicker return on your investment.

There are quite a few different options for social media and other digital marketing services. Let us help you decide which options will be most effective for your company.


Facebook is a free social networking site online that allows users to create profile pages, group pages, events, and more. Many businesses use Facebook as a way to keep their customers informed and as a public relations tool. A properly managed Facebook page can greatly impact your company's search engine results bringing more customers to your website and ultimately increasing sales.

We help clients stay relevant and engaging in today's market. One out of every nine people in the world uses Facebook-one billion total. Those users spend an average of 700 billion minutes a month on Facebook. Imagine if even just a small percentage of those users came into contact with your company.

Facebook is an excellent option to help:

  • Promote your company
  • Advertise new products or services
  • Obtain customer feedback
  • Maintain a constant connection with your customers
  • Ensure that your current clients stay loyal customers
  • Attract new customers
  • Increase your search engine ranking

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc...

To stay relevant each company must evaluate the best use for each social media outlet. Though a good case can be made for each their must be an ROI. Twitter has been a proven outlet like Facebook, on the other hand, sites like Instagram, and LinkedIn should be evaluated pending your business' needs.

Consider the following when evaluating your social media efforts:

  • How much time is needed for each
  • What is your market
  • Are you a B2B company, Retail, other?
  • Are you willing to stay consistent


Videos increase SEO.

YouTube is a website where anyone can view and share videos. YouTube has over 1 billion unique users per month and allows their users to post and share videos easily. More than 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed each day. Let us help you capture the attention of these users with a well planned social marketing campaign to promote your company and products. Not only are videos a great way to educate your customers but also having your videos in such a popular place will help raise your ranking in search engines not just on YouTube but also on Google and Yahoo. 

Businesses in many different industries are using YouTube as a way to promote their business by creating informative, relevant videos that:

  • Promote products and company
  • Show manufacturing processes
  • Educate and train employees or customers
  • Keep your company relevant in your industry

Digital Advertising

Google Pay Per Click, Facebook, LinkedIn, Trade Websites and more.

Aside from word of mouth, digital advertising is the least expensive and most accurate way to advertise. The stigma of digital ads being annoying or problematic is contradicted with statistics. The largest companies in the world are who they are because they offer advertising that works.

Setting up a budget for each click and a daily budget lets you control your payments as low as $10 a day. Digital advertising allows you to target exactly what type of viewers see your ads and where. Establishing the right keywords, plan and call to action, any company and determine how many viewers they can get to their website. Make sure you have a good website with a great product to convert those new visitors.

Most online advertising allows you to target:

  • Age, gender
  • Professions by keywords
  • Local, regional, national, international
  • Positive keywords while blocking negative keywords
  • Mobil and desktop users


Email Marketing

Constant Contact, MailChimp...

Email marketing is the process of sending newsletters, promotional information, customer surveys, and other email-based communications to current and potential customers. The most effective way to send marketing emails is through a reputable and secure online email service. Customers want to hear from you, statistics show that 20-30 percent of professional emails are read by customers. 

Using a 5 star analyzing system reports can show very effective analytics such as how many people are interested in certain products, what webpages are not effective, and what designs and promotions get through to your customers.

With the proper email marketing campaign, your company can:

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • AdVertise to new clients
  • Increase brand and company recognition
  • Market to a large number of clients with one click
  • Increase search engine rankings

Keep in mind, email marketing is NOT Spam. You must have permission to contact each recepient and have an easy way to opt out. With this being said, statistics show, people want to hear from you in a well developed professional way.

Online Press Release

Local, Regional, National...

A press release is a written or recorded statement given to the media to promote a new product, service, or event either through a print or online publication. Major news channels search the web for newsworthy press releases, and they report based on search engine rankings and popularity. The most effective way to get your company's press release online and visible to media is through PRweb.com.

One press release could easily be seen by thousands of people. As with any marketing campaign, proper content and call to action bring the reader back to your website. Let us create your announcements for you and use PRweb to send it across the Internet and all over the world.
Things to remember with social media marketing campaigns.

Content is king - You can create accounts for any or all of these social media sites, but without proper content and professional writing, they are almost useless. Your company's social media sites need to be well managed and updated regularly.

Quantity does not always equal quality - Knowing when and how many times a day to post is almost as important as knowing what to post. Posting too often or not often enough can lead to loss of followers.
Social media is not just for retail: Not every social media site will be relevant for every industry, but every industry can benefit from a well-planned social media campaign.

The goal is not necessarily to gain followers - While gaining followers on your social media accounts is important, it is not the most beneficial effect of an exceptional social media marketing campaign. If you do a good job and offer a great product or service than your popularity will grow. The result will be increased search engine rankings and revenue.


We work for a long-term relationship whether large or small project. Contact us anytime for a discussion about your needs.